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Land of Talk / It’s Okay

24 Nov

It´s Okay es una canción de la banda canadiense Land of Talk que tuve el agrado de conocer gracias a un trailer del corto cinematográfico “I´m here” de Spike Jonze. La voz de la mina que canta tiene un “no se que” muy llamativo y la letra del tema trata toda la onda subjetiva-amorosa que siempre viene bien.



It’s Okay,
I don’t even cry
all I think about is a memory
in that dream when you kissed my arm
as I look away, don’t hear
a word I say

That maybe when I die
I get to be a car
driving in the night
lighting up the dark.
something in your voice
sparks a little hope
I’ll wait up for that noise
your voice becomes my home

Long way round, don’t care what I find
A little thunder’s good, I thought maybe you would
but it’s okay, we all feel left out
sometimes growing up, it can get you down.

I give you some thing that no one’s gonna to give you
my sleepin’ skin and my heart deep down in you
I’ll never tell you, but you’re my little scar
Goodbyes are hard and they’re hard and they’re hard

Maybe when I die
I get to be a car
driving in the night
Lighting up the dark
Something in your voice,
sparks a little hope
Ill wait up for that noise
your voice become my home


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